Sigel Golf Course

For an "Unsnobby" Golf Experience

7017 State Route 949

Sigel, PA 15860-3403

814-934-1356    814-741-2804    814-752-2150


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Peter D. Messina, Owner/Operator

Scheduled Reopening Date is April 2015.

Grand Opening scheduled for June 2015.  

Here are a few changes that will make your golf experience more exciting:

Hole 1:  Smaller pond, larger green, grass bunker in front of and behind green

Hole 2:  70 yards longer and grass bunker in front of entire green

Hole 3:  Green removed - you now shoot to the old 4th green, adding 80 yards with large grass bunker in front of green

Hole 4:  T-Box set back 30 yards - re-established old 10th green with grass bunkers in front 

Hole 5:  Elimination of the old 11th green and you now you soot to the old 5th green

Hole 6:  Added approximately 100 yards to the hole.

Hole 7:  Addred approximately 90 yards to Hole 7.

Hole 8:  New Green added next to a pond.

Hole 9:  Green semi-surrounded  by pond

Hole 11: New pond extended next to green that slopes toward pond

Hole 12:  New grass bunkers guarding entire front of green

Hole 14:  New Green guarded by rocky bunker in front of green

Hole 15:  Green extended with grass bunkers in front of green

Hole 18:  Finish - walk back to parking lot.

We finally have 18 independent greens and 18 T-boxes.  No duplicates. When we advertise 18 holes, we DO NOT mean 9 holes repeated with a few changed T-Boxes.

We may never be perfect, but we will always work to improve the Sigel Golf Course.